Can I Call You Back? - Shy Martin


Lời bài hát: Can I Call You Back?

Ca sĩ: Shy Martin

I know my mind is like a motel
I'm checking out when things don't go well
Sounds like I don't care
I promise I care too much

I lose myself in conversations
I hear the words but I keep spacing outside
It's raining that's all I can think about
I can't focus now

I'm a no show, I'm social then super low
I stay in and quit things without a warning
Is it okay if I turn off
I don't feel like talking
Maybe in the morning

Can I call you when it ends?
When I wanna come down
From the castle on my couch
Where I shut you out

Can I call you when it ends?
When I'm out of feelings
Done with missing out on things
And I'm missing you
Can I call you back?

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me
I always end up feeling so lonely
In a room full of people I call my 'friends'
I wanna...
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