I Should've Known - Minh


Lời bài hát: I Should've Known

Ca sĩ: Minh

[Verse 1]
Born a saint, lived a liar
Made it rain now your house, it’s on fire
Call me up just to ease your thrills
Never not afraid to tell you how i really feel

I can’t believe that one year ago
You were right next to me
Telling me how much you loved me so
Couldn’t let go
Now we’re both scarred
Both miles apart
You’ve moved on with your life
While my world falls apart
Tryna hold on tight
Tryna carry on

Did you mean to let me bleed?
Let me drown in disbelief
Cause i gave you all of me
I gave you everything
Let you see the worst in me
Suffocate my energy
Cause i gave you all of me
I gave you everything
I should've known

[Verse 2]
Remember midnight silhouettes?
When you placed your head on my shoulder
I try real hard not to reminisce
Cause i’ll be reminded of the heavy truth



Was this all you ever wanted
Was there more to what was said
I’ve been faking all my patience
Now there’s venom in my head
I was clearly way too honest
Should’ve lied to you instead
Cause the truth is i’m still haunted
And it's all because of you

I should’ve known
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