Drug Squad - Steel Pulse

Drug Squad
Ain't got nothing to declare My luggage in my hand
I greet the customs man
No sir got nothing to declare
He waves me down to stop (is it my character)
I know I didn't jump no queue so what he want me for
He escorts me to the private room
Mercy gone I've met my doom it was
Drug Squad
Ain't got nothing to declare A hound dog was released from his chains
He sniffed me all over
Customs officer what on earth you searching me for
I hope this ain't no joke
Wasting my time looking for dope
Officer I can't afford to take that chance oh no!
Drug Squad Dem had me in a corner
Stripped to my birthday suit
Backed off my jacket emptied my pocket
They found it stashed away in my big boots
Woe I got busted
Drug Squad cop shop
I blew it they knew it
How did they find out I wonder
I wonder
My ganja
How did they find out.

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